Jordan Calloway Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Train like The CW Star!

You guys know how much we love CW stars here at SHJ.

We have over fifty CW celebrities within our Workout Database, and it continues growing.

Calloway started out in in Riverdale as Chuck Clayton and has now also been incredible in Black Lightning – as well as a few other roles like Countdown and now even his own show as Painkiller.

And he’s come in jacked and shredded for every single one – which is likely why you guys consistently request this research.

We’ve been through over 300 celebrities now, and I’m excited to be able to get this research into my book and compare notes on his training and nutrition to our other top guys.

Jordan Calloway Stats:

Real Name: Jordan Calloway

Height: 5’11

Weight: (approximate) 172 lbs.

Age: 31 years old

Jordan Calloway is just under the average height we’ve seen among male celebrities.

He’s by no means short, but he’s just an inch or two below the “average”, which is technically quite tall.

The average height falls in the range of 6’1-6’3 with celebs like Chris PrattChris HemsworthChris EvansAdam DriverStephen AmellClive Standen and so many more.

Guys around 5’10-6’0 are dudes like Brad PittMatt Damon and Jason Statham, but the ACTUAL shorter range is filled with guys like Mark WahlbergZac EfronKit HaringtonTom Holland and more.

Even taller than them are guys like The MountainJoe ManganielloBen AffleckJason MomoaRay FisherWinston DukeAlexander Skarsgard and a few others.

But, don’t worry either way.

We write these routines to be utilized by any shape and size.

Jordan Calloway Diet and Nutrition

One of the main reasons I didn’t rush to get this article up is because there’s not much information out there on Jordan Calloway’s diet and training.

That being said, I dug through the internet and did my best to find any trace of what Calloway eats or adheres to (nutrition-wise), and I’ll do my best to share my thoughts.

In an interview with The Movie Report they talked for two straight hours and during the entire interview the only thing we learned about his diet, nutrition and training is that he drinks tea.

So it is tea over coffee, and behind Jordan during the interview we can see images of samurais and a bonsai tree, so we can also factor that into Jordan’s overall vibe.

I also did a deep dive of Calloway’s Instagram page and other social media (like his Twitter, for example) and other than confirming that Jordan is extremely religious and is indeed a big nerd (like us here at SHJ), there was no trace of what Jordan eats.

In my experience researching celebrities (over 300 now), this usually means that they eat intuitively, train hard, and are extremely active.

They also often stick to some type of general “healthy restriction”, while allowing room for indulgences – which is how we got our 4-Tier Nutrition System within our Academy.

We see a lot of celebs opt for a sustainable approach like this.

That’s why our Academy Nutrition Classes (Monks, Minimalists, SuperHumans, Vikings, Spartans, Hunter Gatherers, Greek Gods, Samurais, & Eat Fat, Lose Fat) revolve around helping you find the specific diet that is right FOR YOU.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons to HAVE the strict guidelines.

We’ve seen a lot of celebs opt for specific restrictions. 

For example: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart incorporate 80/20 dieting with big weekly cheat meals, Hugh JackmanBenedict CumberbatchTom Hopper, and Terry Crews utilize intermittent fasting(something I use daily as well), Mustafa Shakir and Madelaine Petsch are vegansBrandon Routh and Frank Grillo opt for paleo, and tons of others utilize their own variations as well.

And, that’s just to name a few celebs from each, by the way.

You can check out our Nutrition Pillars for more information and articles on all of the above and more.

Curious what the Top Diets Among Celebrities actually are?  Check it out.

Jordan Calloway Workout 2

Jordan Calloway Workout Routine Research

As I mentioned above: there is not all that much information about Jordan Calloway’s workout within interviews and articles – or even on his social media presence (which usually helps a bit).

That being said, I still did a deep dive for us and will be sharing everything I found.

Jordan likely uses a PPL or Bro-Split with his training, as he shares this on Twitter about his leg day:

Another thing we know about Calloway is that he’s always been active.

Men’s Variety tells us:

While attending Maranatha High School in Pasadena, California, he was active in sports. During his time here, he played varsity baseball all four years.

And in an interview with Yahoo! Calloway says he loves the physicality that comes with starring as Painkiller:

“I hope I get to take on 20 people every week,” Calloway says, fearlessly. “For me, the physicality of it is just another aspect of my acting. You have to give credit to Wolf Stunts, Danny Le Boyer, David Conk, my stunt doubles and all of the time and effort that we put into training and learning. I’ve grown to have an appreciation for the stunt work and stunt performers and all of the work that they put into the fight choreography that we do.”

So his training for stunts, the stunts themself, and all the other aspects of his daily routine need to be taken into an account for his overall activity level that allows him to eat with the intuitive diet we discussed above (he burns a lot of calories on a daily basis)!

He shares more about that training sequence here (just to give you a bit more about the intensity that is virtually cardio added to his already intense weight training schedule):

“We were training for that huge fight sequence, which they cut down because there was even more where we were fighting on the stairs,” he adds. “We trained for that over the course of three days. Salim was sick but he just rallied and I’m so proud of him and the crew and the actors. That scene was shot on the second or third day when he was down and he could only direct from quarantine. Bille Woodruff stepped in and we called an audible that night.”

With that in mind, I will be adding extra cardio, and we can also see some more choreography training if we hop back over to his Instagram.

This is a link to some of Calloway’s training and on-set production behind the scenes that he shared.

All that said, the workout itself will be based on other actors and celebrities that I’ve researched within our Workout Database and written about in my book Superhuman Secrets and piecing together training for Calloway’s specific body type and what we’ve seen other celebrities and trainers utilize.

Jordan Calloway Workout Routine

Jordan Calloway Workout Routine

Training Volume:

4+ days per week


For the basis of this training we’re going to be working with a “Bro-Split” based on some information we pulled from Calloway’s social media – and what I’ve seen used by celebrities with similar body types in the past. That said, I will also be adding on other resources for cardio, HIIT and even MMA if you want to step it up a notch on the fat burning cardio-like-movement Calloway does with his choreography.

Want To Upgrade This Workout?

The Superhero Academy now comes with an Upgrade Your Workout Tool that allows Academy members to turn any SHJ workout into a 4-8 week fully planned regime detailing exact weights to lift and including reverse & traditional pyramid training, straight sets, super sets, progressive overload and more.

Jordan Calloway Workout Routine: Sample Schedule

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Legs, Calves and Core

Wednesday: Danielson Circuit Test

Thursday: Shoulders, Traps and Core

Friday: Back and Biceps

Saturday: Optional Additional Training with Resources

Sunday: Rest Day

Jordan Calloway Workout Routine: Chest and Triceps

Warm Up: 

10-15 Minute Incline Walk


Incline Dumbbell Press

5×15, 12, 10, 8, 6

Reverse Grip Cable Pushdowns

3×12, 10, 8

Hammer Strength Press

3×12, 10, 8



Chest Flyes


Seated Overhead Tricep Extension


Jordan Calloway Workout Routine: Legs, Calves and Core

Warm Up: 

10-15 Minute Incline Walk


Front Squats

5×15, 12, 10, 8, 6

Leg Press

3×12, 10, 8

Hamstring Curls

3×12, 10, 8

Calf Raises


Cable Crunches


Hanging Leg Raises


Jordan Calloway Workout Routine: Shoulders, Traps and Core

Warm Up: 

10-15 Minute Incline Walk


Barbell Shrugs

5×15, 12, 10, 8, 6

Overhead Press

3×12, 10, 8

Front Raises

3×12, 10, 8

Lateral Raises


Weighted Sit Ups


Russian Twists


Jordan Calloway Workout Routine: Back, Biceps and Core

Warm Up: 

10-15 Minute Incline Walk


Deadlift (DB, KB or Barbell)

5×15, 12, 10, 8, 6

Bent Over Rows (DB or BB)

3×12, 10, 8

Wide Grip Pulldowns

3×12, 10, 8

Chin Ups


Preacher Curls


Alternating DB Hammer Curls

3×10 each arm


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