Joshua Orpin Workout Routine and Diet: Train like Superboy from Titans!

We’re getting another Titan within our Workout Database.

We have seen a few other members of the Titans already at SHJ, and you guys are consistently requesting Joshua Orpin and Curran Walters – so that’s who we have next.

Joshua Orpin stars as Superboy in Titans, and we’re going to be taking a deep dive into his workout, nutrition and overall prep for becoming Superboy.

He’ll be joining our other Titan stars like Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter, Minka Kelly, Alan Ritchson and Conor Leslie!

Speaking of: which character and star is your personal favorite?

Joshua Orpin Stats:

Real Name: Joshua Orpin

Height: 6’1

Weight: (approximate) 170 lbs.

Age: 27 years old

Joshua Orpin is actually fairly tall, and comes in around the average height range we’ve seen among male celebrities here at SHJ.

That’s not necessarily average male height overall, but among male celebrities that we’ve researched, he falls right in line with the average.

The average height falls in the range of 6’1-6’3 with celebs like Chris PrattChris HemsworthChris EvansAdam DriverStephen AmellClive Standen and so many more.

Guys around 5’10-6’0 are dudes like Brad PittMatt Damon and Jason Statham, but the ACTUAL shorter range is filled with guys like Mark WahlbergZac EfronKit HaringtonTom Holland and more.

Even taller than them are guys like The MountainJoe ManganielloBen AffleckJason MomoaRay FisherWinston DukeAlexander Skarsgard and a few others.

But, don’t worry either way.

We write these routines to be utilized by any shape and size.

Joshua Orpin Diet and Nutrition

Joshua Orpin keeps it real in one of his Instagram posts sharing his transformation.

Orpin says these are the steps to get a Superboy physique:

“Step 1 – Don’t eat anything that you want to / tastes good

Step 2 – Pick up heavy things all the time. Like, every day

Step 3 – Work with Alan Ritchson and feel inadequate

Step 4 – Repeat until jacked and shredded”

Which reminds me of some of the things we saw from actors who had insane transformations but then came out to let us know that it’s not always easy.

Those are guys like Kumail Nanjiani, Rob McElhenney, and Paul Rudd.

Ironically all comedians – but Joshua Orpin will even that out a bit.

What I wrote about in my book Superhuman Secrets after researching over 300 celebrities, athletes and the world’s top performers is the fact that some celebrities are able to sustain their transformations and others get some whiplash when they opt for some of these crazy approaches (and how we can avoid it).

One of my case studies, among dozens and dozens, was actually Orpin’s co-stars, Alan Ritchson (which he mentions in his post) who utilizes indulgences and cheat meals on a daily basis (which we use in our 4-Tier-Nutrition System as well), to promote sustainability.

We see a lot of celebs opt for a sustainable approach like this.

That’s why our Academy Nutrition Classes (Monks, Minimalists, SuperHumans, Vikings, Spartans, Hunter Gatherers, Greek Gods, Samurais, & Eat Fat, Lose Fat) revolve around helping you find the specific diet that is right FOR YOU.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons to HAVE the strict guidelines.

We’ve seen a lot of celebs opt for specific restrictions. 

For example: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart incorporate 80/20 dieting with big weekly cheat meals, Hugh JackmanBenedict CumberbatchTom Hopper, and Terry Crews utilize intermittent fasting(something I use daily as well), Mustafa Shakir and Madelaine Petsch are vegansBrandon Routh and Frank Grillo opt for paleo, and tons of others utilize their own variations as well.

And, that’s just to name a few celebs from each, by the way.

You can check out our Nutrition Pillars for more information and articles on all of the above and more.

Curious what the Top Diets Among Celebrities actually are?  Check it out.

Joshua Orpin Workout 3

Joshua Orpin Workout Routine Research

If we jump back into Joshua Orpin’s Instagram post we can break it down a bit more.

In the breakdown he mentions “Step 2 – Pick up heavy things all the time. Like, every day”, but then he also goes on to say a bit more on this.

Here’s what he says:

In all seriousness, these are the results of work ethic, discipline and consistency through 2 lockdowns (in 2 countries) and 9 months of shooting. It was difficult. As long as I have the privilege of playing this role, I’ll continue to strive toward the 100% unrealistic standard set by my comic book counterpart.

One thing we can definitely tell is that our Titans were training together (which is awesome because we’ve now researched a half a dozen of them here at SHJ, including Alan Ritchson), and they were putting in the hours.

From what we’ve learned from our other Titans we’ll be able to piece together a decent Superboy workout.

We’ve seen Brenton Thwaites utilizing a bunch of weight training to tack on some mass, and we’ve also seen Ritchson make use of long distance training, calisthenics and other training to stay shredded, while Anna Diop and Ryan Potter take more of a mixed martial arts approach (especially Potter)!

So for this one we’re going to be doing a mixup of all of their worlds – especially Thwaites and Ritchson.

Joshua Orpin Workout Routine

Training Volume:

3-5 days per week


For this one we’re going to be piecing together Joshua Orpin’s workout from the research we’ve done into half a dozen other Titans that he has been training with; especially Alan Ritchson – who he makes specific mention to. You’ll see Ritchson’s endurance work and calisthenics and then we pair training styles with weights we saw from Brenton Thwaites, as well as MMA resources from Diop and Potter!

Want To Upgrade This Workout?

The Superhero Academy now comes with an Upgrade Your Workout Tool that allows Academy members to turn any SHJ workout into a 4-8 week fully planned regime detailing exact weights to lift and including reverse & traditional pyramid training, straight sets, super sets, progressive overload and more.

Joshua Orpin Workout Routine: Sample Schedule

Monday: Superboy Leg Day

Tuesday: Hawk Calisthenics

Wednesday: Superboy Push Day

Thursday: Ritchson’s Weekly Long Distance Run

Friday: Superboy Pull Day

Saturday: Optional Additional Training with Resources

Sunday: Rest Day

Joshua Orpin Workout Routine: Superboy Leg Day

Warm Up:

Run 800-1600M

Optional Ritchson Sprints:

“At least two days a week are dedicated to high-intensity sprints. After a light warm-up run (approximately 10 minutes), he does a series of sprints totaling 1,000 meters.”


Back Squats

3×12, 10, 8

Leg Press

3×12, 10, 8

Seated Calf Raises

3×12, 10, 8

Hamstring Curls

3×12, 10, 8

Weighted Glute Bridges

3×12, 10, 8

Cable Crunches


Hanging Knee Raises with Twist


Joshua Orpin Workout Routine: Hawk Calisthenics

Warm Up:


2-3 mile jog


**This can be broken down into any number of sets and reps necessary**

250 Air Squats

250 Push Ups

150 Dips

150 Sit Ups

100 Pull Ups

100 Lunges

Joshua Orpin Workout Routine: Superboy Push Day

Warm Up:

Run 800-1600M

Optional Ritchson Sprints:

“At least two days a week are dedicated to high-intensity sprints. After a light warm-up run (approximately 10 minutes), he does a series of sprints totaling 1,000 meters.”


Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

3×12, 10, 8

Seated Military Press

3×12, 10, 8

Seated Overhead Tricep Extension

3×12, 10, 8

Weighted Dips

3×12, 10, 8

Chest Flys (Cable or Dumbbell)

3×12, 10, 8

Lateral Raises

3×15, 12, 10

Hang Cleans

3×15, 12, 10

Joshua Orpin Workout Routine: Ritchson’s Weekly Long Distance Run

Ritchson’s training consists of long distance running.

You can take this slow, but he states that his running sometimes even goes up to 13 miles!

Start with 2-3 miles and work your way to more.  Get outside and make it fun!

In reality you you have quite a few options.

I’ll break it down:

Option One – Run Based on Overall Fitness Level:

Beginner: 1-3 Miles

Intermediate: 3-5 Miles

Advanced: 5+ Miles

Endurance Work Resources:

Option Two – Varied Cardio for 45-60 Minutes:

Split your cardio up however you’d like but complete 45-60+ minutes using:

  • Treadmill Walk/Run
  • Rower Machine
  • StairMaster
  • Elliptical
  • Swim
  • Bike

Option Three – Complete HIIT Training Using SHJ Resources:

Joshua Orpin Workout Routine: Superboy Pull Day

Warm Up:

Run 800-1600M

Optional Ritchson Sprints:

“At least two days a week are dedicated to high-intensity sprints. After a light warm-up run (approximately 10 minutes), he does a series of sprints totaling 1,000 meters.”



3×12, 10, 8

Preacher Curls

3×12, 10, 8

Cable Rows

3×12, 10, 8

Wide Grip Cable Pulldowns

3×12, 10, 8

Chin Ups


Sit Ups


Lying Leg Raises with Hip Thrust



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