Kristen lost 22 pounds

Kristen lost 22 pounds by eating clean and making healthy choices. She’s a spouse, mother, and a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. She wanted to look good for our sorority’s 100th anniversary celebration this year. So she worked with a coach who provided the nutrition and fitness wisdom she needed.

What was your motivation?
Since COVID shut the world down, I have been working on my lifestyle change. I worked out several days a week and was eating pretty healthy. However, I didn’t see the results last despite all the hard work I put in. 

I have talked to many different fitness trainers. Either they didn’t want to help because of health concerns with fitness, they were not clear about what was needed to succeed, or they wanted to train live in the gym.

I’m a spouse, mother, and a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Our Centennial (100th anniversary) celebration is coming up in July 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though I was already working out to get ready for such a big celebration, I was worried I wouldn’t reach my physical appearance goals. Then I learned about Terry Starks, aka “The Diet Doctor So I searched for his page on Facebook.

Looking at what he’s been doing since 1997, I realized that my current lifestyle change wasn’t enough. I really needed help from someone who cares and understands that “one size does not fit all.” I decided to give Terry 35 days. 

I wasn’t morbidly overweight, but many women look like me who have trouble areas. I had nothing to lose but stubborn problem areas that come with childbirth, age, genetics, and not eating what is suitable for me. My most challenging area was my midsection. 

What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up?
With Terry’s amazing support, I followed a nutrition and fitness plan tailored for me, which changed my life. You can call him at any time to ask questions, cry, give feedback or get on his nerves. If he doesn’t answer, he WILL call you back.

It’s not about what the scale says. It’s how you look in the mirror. I have to say I look darn good in the mirror now, after my first 35 days in Terry’s program. Because of what he has taught me, coached me through and, the motivation he has poured into me, those 22 ponds kindly floated away. I feel good, I look amazing and, I am very thankful for this journey. 

I lost 22 pounds in 35 days. I hear several times a day, “Have you lost weight? Your clothes are wearing you! What is it that are you doing…?” Hearing things like this has fueled my lifestyle change and my relationship with food. Once I mastered the process, I decided I must maintain my results.

Terry and his program have been a blessing in my life. So many diets are out there. With many of them, the results are temporary (if they work for you at all). One doesn’t become unhealthy overnight, so the results you want will not come overnight. I must love myself and put in the work.

How did you change your eating habits?
My eating habits improved with this journey. I learned how to balance categories of food, how much to eat, and when to eat. I learned about removing salt, processed foods, and as much sugar as possible from my eating/snacking habits. I also learned what my purpose for eating was? 

I didn’t have the right type of relationship with food. Along with this journey, Terry taught me that! 

Since being in the program, I have seen other SGRho’s and other members of the Divine Nine in Terry’s program. Watching them transform from his coaching is mind-blowing. So if you want to not only feel good but look good in the mirror, Terry’s transformation program is where it’s at. 

Seeing people on his FB page pushed me to meal prep, continue to cut out the junk, and feed my body love food instead of dead food. Meal prep is critical to my eating habits to prevent extra eating.

So far, I’ve learned about eating a certain number of small meals each day and hydrating. I also learned about workouts that won’t have you living in the gym and that the journey is yours, not everyone else’s. 

What foods did you stop or start eating?
I cut out store-bought snacks, cheese (which causes inflammation in the body and joints), salt (which causes water retention and swelling). Consuming live food, lean meats, vegetables, and learning what time of day to and when not to eat complex carbs is a whole new world compared to what we were taught as kids. 

In early 2021, I had emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed. The doctor said I could eat anything besides greasy foods after I healed from surgery. In my case, it was the farthest from that for me. So many foods I enjoyed no longer agreed with me. Now I’m not able to tolerate starches, bread, greasy foods, fatty foods, and many grains. The pain and uncomfortableness are not worth enjoying that bowl of spaghetti or shrimp-fried rice. 

What did your workout routine consist of?
My workout routine started with hydration and 30 minutes of continuous cardio seven days a week. In week three, my workout evolved with hydration and continuous cardio for 30 minutes twice a day, seven days a week.

What is your height?

When did you start your journey?
I started my journey on October 8, 2021.

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?
No, I didn’t have weight loss surgery.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
The biggest lesson I have learned so far from Terry’s program is that you do not need liposuction or surgery to look and feel good about yourself.

Also, stay off the scale. You can change your appearance and mental perception about yourself by following his program and being dedicated to redesigning a better you. 

What advice do you have for women who want to lose weight?
Everyone’s journey is so different. We are all built differently. Some have had children, and some haven’t. Some tone easier with fitness, and others do not. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. 

You don’t need permission to take control of your health. You have to make the time. It takes people a long time to achieve the images you see online, on social media, or in magazines. You don’t know their health journey. 

Set an oath, vow, pledge, or whatever you need to do to follow through with self-love and self-healing. You owe no one an explanation for why you want to be a better you. When people see your transformation, they will want to do what though did.

Now I have to save for a new wardrobe. It’s a great problem to have when you look and feel good inside and out like I do. 

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