Tish lost 92 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Tish lost 92 pounds. When she realized she was avoiding taking photos and not capturing precious memories with her two sons, she knew it was time to make some changes. She shared with us how she used nutrition and exercise to create lasting results.

In 2020, I weighed 212 pounds. I had lost sight of who I was, my purpose, my voice, and my confidence. After facing multitudes of trauma and financial setbacks, I would turn to food as a coping mechanism. As a teacher, I would eat once a day in large portions. 

I am the proud mother of two boys, who are my world. One day it dawned on me that I hadn’t taken any photos with both of my sons since my youngest was born. I realized that I was not capturing memories with my children because I was embarrassed about where I was health-wise. So I decided that I had to make a change. 

At the beginning of my journey, working out was a struggle. However, I continued to try because I truly wanted to change. I set out to lose 60 pounds, and I currently weigh 120 pounds. I am 92 pounds down. 

My nutrition plan, accountability, water intake increase, working out, and mindset shift have all contributed to what I’ve achieved. The most significant shift for me was taking the word “diet” out of my vocabulary. Diets are made to expire. What I wanted was forever, a lifestyle change, and that’s precisely what I got. (A change in the way I eat, a change in the way I think, a change in what I allow to surround me) This lifestyle change has created a change in me. Now I can provide these same tools to women like myself. We all are capable of making our goals real!

How did you change your eating habits? 
I adjusted my eating habits based on meal plans that were provided to me through a 21-day challenge. I cut out sugar, dairy, and red meat. I realized that the issue wasn’t just my eating habits, but it was how many times I ate. I only ate once a day before my journey. I increased my eating to two meal replacement shakes a day, one healthy meal, and 2-3 snacks in between. I also increased my water intake to one gallon a day. 

I learned that there are healthy snacking options that satisfy my cravings and let go of the not-so-healthy ones. I also stopped eating out so much, as well as spontaneous shopping. Instead, I stuck to a grocery list, meal prepped, and committed to cooking for my family. 

What did your workout routine consist of? How many days a week did you work out?
In the beginning, my body was not used to working out, so I started by walking and then added hiking. Starting out, I would work out six days a week.

Once my body felt comfortable, I incorporated jump rope and taught myself how to do jump rope workouts on an app called Crossrope. I used to be so intimidated by the gym due to my lack of form and stamina, but I am happy to say I work out at the gym now.

What is your height?
I am 5’0″

How many months did your transformation take?
My transformation took ten months.

What advice would you like to share with women who want to lose weight?
On the other side of your biggest opposition lies your greatness. The journey will have its rough moments, painful moments, frustrating moments, and even sad moments. But the journey makes you value the destination, and that is where you find something more than just a change in size. That is where you find your greatness.

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?
Weight loss surgery is not a part of my journey.

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