Top 10 Female Fitness Models

Compared to previous years, we have been exposed to more fitness content. By scrolling down any social media page, we can find many icons and rising stars who we can aspire to be like. We only see those with lean, healthy figures.

Women who are working on improving their bodies reach their ultimate goal when they attain these incredible physiques. It is definitely possible – you just have to work hard and follow a good diet plan.

It is possible to look like these fitness models, with hard work and weight loss, but it does take a lot of perseverance.

As you embark on your fat-burning journey, they can be a great source of inspiration and motivation to work harder; this is why so many people follow the social media accounts of their favorite fitness models.

Consequently, we wanted to pay homage to the women who inspire millions of young people to build their dream bodies. In addition to some of the most well-known fitness models, we have included some lesser-known models that deserve more recognition.

Here are some of this year’s Best Female Fitness Models…

1. Sommer Ray

It’s impossible to lie to my eyes or to yours!

It is Sommer Ray’s goddess physique that has made her so popular (along with a great personality). Sommer Ray has over 17 million followers through social media. She may not be the thinnest on this list, but her figure is certainly living proof that you can develop a fabulous body without removing too much body fat.

By the age of 21, Sommer Ray had taken over social media in a way that no other fitness model had ever been able to achieve.

Where does she find inspiration? In her younger years, both of her parents were bodybuilders, so that’s why she began to lift weights.

Her journey from fitness model to bikini athlete was impressive: she took just three years to reach a great body and make her debut on stage.

Throughout her successful career, she has received awards such as Bikini Teen and Bikini Class titles at the NPC Colorado State Championships. Sommer appears to have put her career on hold and is likely to devote her time to social media and her YouTube channel going forward.

Her millions of fans make it impossible to blame her!

The booty is juicy, the waist is tight, and the legs are incredible. An inspiring role model for females around the world and someone who has fulfilled a dream. Sommer Ray is certainly up there as the number one nominee.

2. Genesis Lopez

Including a Latina on my list was impossible for me to avoid because of the special place Latinas hold in my heart. Genesis also has Japanese ancestry, so she’s also a very multicultural female fitness model, which makes her popular with many Asian women.

In terms of being a household name, she’s not the most popular around, but you can’t ignore her either.

A strong Latina like Genesis Lopez is an excellent example of a combination of beauty and genetics combined with hard work; she has sculpted an incredible physique that most women strive for in the gym (see her picture above).

The brunette beauty is not just known for her enormous booty, but also for her many sexy angles that can blow any man’s mind and inspire women to look great.

Although it might seem unlikely, this fitness model doesn’t have as many fans as you would expect – certainly not as many as Sommer Ray. Despite the fact that she has a fraction of the assets that some fitness models possess, she is undoubtedly a rising star that should not be missed out on.

3. Alexia Clark

A fitness industry professional known as ‘The Queen of Workouts’ and one of the most innovative personal trainers, Alexia Clark is famed for her innovative workouts. In addition to her amazing physique, she has also gained recognition for her natural beauty, which will inspire you to work harder at the gym.

She works out quickly and is quite challenging; that’s to be expected since she’s pretty lean. However, Alexia Clark utilizes her Instagram page to provide inspiring mini-tutorials to encourage her subscribers to lead a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Despite having more than 1 million followers, this inspirational fitness model is still going strong.

Her portfolio, which includes workout plans, modeling titles, and products, has grown at an impressive pace since Alexia was born in Arizona, USA. Additionally, she was one of the faces of Instant Knockout for a number of years, which we rank among the best fat burners for women this year.

The body is lean, with toned arms and legs. Of course, don’t forget those abs, which should be defined without being completely shredded, as countless women strive for.

4. Cass Martin

In the past few years, a female proponent of being strong and sexy has definitely been Cass Martin, who routinely lifts heavyweights.

What’s really impressive is that she’s built a powerful figure without looking masculine at all. Therefore, it is not surprising that Cass has inspired thousands of females to start lifting heavier in the gym. There is nothing wrong with women having strong arms and legs, and Cass proves it!

The fact that Cass Martin works in construction during the day doesn’t surprise anyone that she always stays in shape. Our team really appreciates that she is defying perceptions of the stereotypical ‘glam model’ with those sculpted guns and chiseled legs.

Although Cass isn’t exactly a ‘fitness model’, she is a phenomenal woman when it comes to inspiration in the fitness/bodybuilding industry. This is evident by the millions of followers she has.

Considering how highly regarded she is, a ranking in fourth place might seem harsh to some fans. As we mentioned, we want to make some lesser-known females aware of themselves as well.

5. Sara Sigmundsdóttir

It is understandable that you are thinking this way. The Icelandic fitness model, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, isn’t a full-time fitness model but she’s sponsored by some of the biggest names in the business and has been in enough promotional videos for our opinion.

Furthermore, Cass Martin fans will also instantly fall in love with her; she demonstrates that being feminine and still looking amazing when building muscle mass is possible.

It is clear that this Icelandic CrossFit competitor ranks very highly in terms of cardiovascular fitness. Every time she competes in a CrossFit game, her performances are incredible, as there are so many obstacles and exercises that the average person cannot complete.

Due to her bubbly personality, Sara has also gained over 1 million Instagram followers along with her success in the industry.

Sigmundsdóttir is a multi-talented, all-around athlete who is a top athlete in her field. Sara is an Icelandic warrior princess so we could not leave her out of our list of best female fitness models (if you’re from Iceland, be sure to show her some love in the comments).

6. Linda Durbesson

Linda Durbesson has a body proportion that many women only hope to achieve. Her booty is a large size, her waist is slim and her abs are lean.

Her popularity in the fitness industry is admired around the world, which is why she currently has 1 million followers on social media. Linda is one of our favorite women because she shows that you don’t have to be thin to look fabulous or be healthy.

We included Linda Durbesson in this list because she illustrates why we feel this way. Her natural ability is what makes her one of the best fitness models on this list (although we know she works her booty off to sculpt such a great figure, of course. ).

7. Courtney Tailor

There are many female fitness models on our list who are extremely lean. Therefore, we wanted to include a woman who possesses a more realistic figure since there are many women out there who do not want to look like a ripped 6 pack.

It is for this reason that Courtney Tailor is the ideal addition. We like how she embraces her curvy figure despite working hard at the gym. Playboy magazine named her ‘the perfect girl next door, and we agree with them.

Although Courtney Tailor doesn’t maintain a shredded figure because she is incapable of achieving it, don’t think she has given up on it. Her experience as a bikini athlete has led to her winning awards at the age of 22, which proves that she can compete with other fitness models on this list when she desires.

In the end, this is for girls who aren’t interested in shredding too much body fat. Courtney Tailor is a popular figure you can follow on social media for ideas and inspiration.

8. Bakhar Nabieva

Among the fitness models on this list, Bakhar Nabieva might be your favorite if you prefer women with strong legs.

Despite being born in Azerbaijan, she became known worldwide for her amazing figure on social media. She has been affectionately called ‘the girl with the iron bum’ since then due to her shredded body, so that nickname is an appropriate one.

On this list, Bakhar Nabieva’s legs are among the biggest, but she also has steel-like abs, making her a fantastic role model for females who are serious about working their lower bodies and seeking to maintain extremely low body fat levels.

9. Nay Jones

The image of Nay Jones seems to be a sensation among women who want to achieve and appreciate a muscular, big booty, and well-toned figure. And the men haven’t exactly been avoiding her social media profiles as a result.

The fact that Nay has gained serious muscle mass and cut out that fat in her body clearly shows that she has done quite well when it comes to gaining strength, sexiness, and an inspiring physique.

She was born with beautiful legs. Her legs are so impressive that even men with very high testosterone levels struggle to maintain them. Most men have a difficult time building bigger legs than Nay. They’re big, voluptuous, and sexy: something that a lot of women wish they had.

Do you wish to build some serious muscle mass in strategic places on your body? There’s not a better inspiration for you girls wanting to have a booty with bullet-proof legs than Nay Jones.

The reason Why Nay is inspirational is that she dispels the idea that women should not be strong, or that they should not be muscular. Therefore, LeanBulking supports Nay wholeheartedly, and all the haters should leave the website.

10. Bethany Tomlinson

Years of hard work have transformed Beth into the person she is today.

Watch out for Bethany Tomlinson this year, we’re making a big statement. We think this young girl is making serious moves to become one of the best fitness models in the world and she should have a much larger following on social media.

By looking at her figure, it is clear that Bethany Tomlinson not only has the genetics but works hard in the gym as well.

In addition to putting up ‘before and after photos of herself, we often follow Bethany, so it’s easy to see that everyone starts at the same place. After all, no one possesses an amazing frame without a little hard work.

It’s crazy to think that she’ll reach her peak in a few years, so what we currently see is not yet her best. Therefore, Bethany Tomlinson is likely to be #1 in the fitness industry in a few years’ time when she establishes her position.


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