Traci-lyn lost 90 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Traci-lyn lost 90 pounds. She partnered with her husband in the gym and joined a local workout group for connection and support. Part of her transformation journey was acknowledging the shadow side of herself and giving everything to God in prayer. 

Starting weight 266 pounds, highest weight 270 pounds
Current weight 181 pounds, lowest weight 180 pounds
Gone are dead weight, trauma, and much more. 

I am Traci-lyn Renee’. I’m a mother of two, a wife, a confidant, and most importantly, a divine woman! I got Covid last November before the trend. I was kept, and so was my husband. This kicked us in gear to adorn our temple! 

We were in the gym. I finally learned the difference between submission and subservient. Unfortunately, this whole time I just would not listen to you, Babe, and I publicly acknowledge that fault. Yall know we women can be hard-headed. 

Then I was introduced to Xtreme HipHop with Robin Marshall by Ryan Lewis. It felt good to be moving with women who have a common goal. Later, Robin transitioned from outdoor workouts and began teaching classes at UPMC (a 23 billion dollar company with a health initiative called Healthy Harrisburg steered by Hbg Native Tina Nixon). Tina is my husband’s aunt, and she encouraged me to come out.

It wasn’t always pretty. I would show up to class late every day, being rebellious against my childhood experience of being 30 minutes early to events. I’d pick a few haters up along the way who couldn’t get past me surpassing myself. REREAD that part. I surpassed Myself! I’d send out negative vibes and play their games only to realize that’s not who God made me to be. 

I started officially in Nov 2020 and got serious in Jan 2021. I reached my goal weight of 185 pounds in Sept 2021. Total: 9-10 Months. Rebirth, I like to call it!

Eating Habits: I stopped eating my favorites first! I was not a huge soda drinker, but I stopped consuming Pepsi, bread, and cheese. Instead, I switched to green tea, black tea, and BLUEBERRY SLIM LIFE tea by Yogi.

I also did Intermittent fasting. This allows your body to reset. There are tons of free videos & resources that can teach you variations of fasting.

(16:8, 12:12, 18:6 etc.) I looked at breakfast like you’re supposed to. Not necessarily a hearty meal but a meal to BREAK your FAST! Then made a conscious effort to feed my body correctly during my hours of eating. 

Exercise Routine: Along with Xtreme HipHop w/Robin, my husband Derrick Brown Jr. worked me out, initially 5-6 days a week. We did warm-ups on the elliptical, 15-30 minutes of cardio, and then hit weights and machines for legs, arms, and backs. (We went to Planet Fitness) I did very light lifting. I only went to the gym at the beginning (Jan-April).

I also attended Robin’s Xtreme HipHop Class on Tuesdays and her Boot Camps Xtreme Burn on Thursdays at a local fitness studio, Fly Fitness (owner Jelissa Gilmore). I would do this routine and mix it up by adding Zumba and Pure Barre, which is really good for opening up my hips and squat game.

Later, I would stop everything except my Monday Xtreme hip hop classes due to family life, kids, activities, etc. I still tried to walk, but I didn’t OVEREAT since I wasn’t as active! I indulge here and there because being realistic was my goal. How can I sustain eating this way? It boils to discipline. 

Height: 5’5″-5’6″

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?: Weight loss surgery is not part of my journey. I thought about it, but I always said I wanted to see how far I could go with God’s help. I was surprised. I don’t think it’s a bad option either. I just chose to plan and work.

Biggest Lesson: The biggest lesson I learned is to put yourself first, or you will BURN OUT! The love and help you want to give your family and friends must be given to you first!

Part of this journey was dealing with the shadow side of myself. The unhealed parts of me that I still carried on as survival tactics. I leaned into my own understanding but knew nothing. I had to release it all and give EVERYTHING to God in prayer. I had to stop protecting and projecting Traci. 

What you put out, you get back. Sometimes you get attacked because you are light! I kept my faith. I kept trudging on like the Negro mother (Langston Hughes). Near summer, we found out my husband had a health issue. It was a shock, but I know there’s power in prayer! We did not claim it, but we waited. I prayed and prayed. Just know that it was not so, in Jesus’ name! I’m a movement by myself, but we’re a force when we’re together.

I was also finally able to heal from childhood trauma. I found out who my true biological father is. I would contact him only to not hear back from him. I spoke to my mother two months afterward for confirmation. Oh, the mountains that lifted off me. My God, I kept my faith. I’m so glad I gave it to God! There is no reason to walk around with burdens when the spirit of the Lord will take them. I believe it and receive it! Faith without work is dead! 

Advice: My advice will be to eliminate distractions and reassess everyone in your life. No one (including ourselves) is above reassessment. To grow, you have to make room for new. Whether it’s friendships, jobs, spouses, etc., it will be challenging, but fight for it. 

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