Zion Clark Workout Routine: Train like a Record Breaking Paralympian!

Zion Clark is coming into our Workout Database and immediately going to be one of the most inspiring and motivated individuals we’ve ever seen.

And we’ve seen people like Tom Brady and LeBron James grace our Professional Athlete Workout Database.

Zion Clark is a wrestler, MMA fighter and professional track and field athlete. He was also born without legs.

He’s also a Guinness Record holder, becoming the “Fastest Man on Hands”.

We are lucky enough to have Zion jump on a video with Men’s Health and share a bit about himself and his training.

Out of the 300+ celebrities, athletes and world’s top performers I’ve researched here at SHJ and put together in my book Superhuman Secrets, this article and research is one of my favorites to be sharing.

The amount of motivation and determination Zion brings is just on another level.

Here’s how Zion starts the MH video:

“What’s up it’s Zion Clark, AKA Big Z – you might know me from my Netflix Documentary titled Zion. I’m here at Fit Athletic Club today, and I’m going to be walking you through some workouts and things that I do with my life. Now right now I am currently a professional athlete in track and field, soon to be MMA. I just set a Guiness World Record: The World’s Fastest Man on His Hands, 20 Meters. Workout out to me is almost therapeutic in a sense that I am able to just release and expend all my energy, especially if I’m having a bad day. I’m going to show you exactly what I do and how I get down with my boy Craig.”

From there Zion clips over to himself doing an insane amount of dips and we’re introduced to Craig Levi, who helps with Zion’s training regime.

Here’s how Craig introduces himself:

“Hey my name is Craig, I help put Zion through his workout regimens and train him. A lot of things we focus on is explosive power. He is a professional athlete with track and MMA and a lot of that is generating explosive power.”

With that they get right into the workout, which I’ll be breaking down in full below for us.

This is a lot of volume, and keep in mind Zion is insanely STRONG and ripped – so don’t be scared to scale down if you’re going to be taking on this routine.

Zion Clark Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Zion Clark Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health, Zion Clark and Craig Levi.

Zion Clark Paralympian Workout:

Bodyweight Dips

4 Sets of 100 Reps

Striking Drills

5 Rounds of 3 Minutes

Bosu Ball Push-Ups

3 Sets of 30 Reps

Fanbike Intervals

5 Minutes

Interval Style: 30 Second Straight, 1-2 Minutes Slower Pace, then back into 30 second Sprint


10-15 Minutes Stretching and Foam Rolling


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