10 Weeks to Shredded: Maximize Your Fat Loss with this Workout

10 Weeks to Shredded: Maximize Your Fat Loss with this Workout

Maximize your fat loss with this 10 week shred workout program. Plus as a bonus - 5 tips to get the most fat loss out of the program!

Workout Description

You’re a dedicated lifter and have dreams of getting shredded this summer.

But you’re also worried about how long it will take and the lengths you’ll need to go to for the kind of head-turning shape that will make you a hit on the beach in record time.

If you want to get summer shredded fast, look no further.

This article will give you all the tools you need to cut-up without spending hours attached to the iron or at the cardio station.

And by keeping sessions short, intensity high, and training methods basic and productive 10 weeks is all you’ll need.

Let’s get to work!

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Beauty in Simplicity

To promote lean muscle gains and a shredded appearance, you don’t need to dedicate excessive time to every conceivable training method.2, 3

Nor do you need to spend hours trying to uncover the next crazy and exotic diet plan. In fact, you’ll find that the most successful shredders are those who consistently apply the basics while staying on task for the long haul.

Allmax Athlete Perfroming Dumbbell Rows to Shred

Keeping training and nutrition simple, effective, and consistent is the undisputed key to long-term shredding success.

The training program to follow is simple, but can also be extremely challenging. Unique intensity methods are used each session and a combination of cardio and weights are strategically employed to transform your physique.

The Program

Each of the following workouts should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

Do not be tempted to do more than is prescribed (each workout is specifically designed to create a prolonged afterburn effect, giving you maximum fat loss over a 24-hour period).

Following a warm up set, each set of each exercise should be taken to absolute failure. The stipulated intensity methods will, where applicable, ensure complete failure on the final rep of each work set. It’s important to select a weight that will allow complete failure on the 8-12th rep. Do not exceed 12 reps, this is the ideal range for advanced muscle hypertrophy.

Take 60 seconds rest between sets to further increase intensity.

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Close Grip Pull Downs 1 15 (warm up)
2a. Pull Ups 2 8-12
2b. Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down 2 8-12
3a. Bent Over Barbell Row 2 8-12
3b. Seated Cable Rows 2 8-12
4. Dumbbell Pullover 2 8-12 (use rest-pause)
5. Dumbbell Curls 1 15 (warm up)
6a. Incline Dumbbell Curls 2 8-12
6b. Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls 2 8-12
7. Barbell Preacher Curls 2 8-12
  • In the morning, perform 20 mins of HIIT on stationary bike.
  • If you'd like to train abs on this day, superset swiss ball crunches with hanging leg raise for 3 sets of 20-30 reps.
  • Post workout perform 10 mins of HIIT on a rower.
Exercise Sets Reps
1. Machine Chest Press 1 15 (warm up)
2. Close Grip Bench Press 2 8-12 (drop sets)
3. Dumbbell Bench Press 2 8-12 (drop sets)
4a. Incline Dumbbell Press 2 8-12
4b. Chest Dips 2 8-12
5a. Dumbbell Kickback 2 8-12
5b. Rope Pressdown 2 8-12 (rest pause)
6. One Arm Overhead Extension 2 8-12 (double drop sets)
  • Perform 10 min of HIIT on stationary bike post workout.
  • Do 20 mins of HIIT on a stationary bike.
  • If you'd like to train abs, superset swiss ball crunches with hanging leg raises for 3 sets of 20-30 reps.
Exercise Sets Reps
1. Leg Press 1 20 (warm up)
2a. Wide Stance Squats 2 12-15
2b. Narrow Stance Squats 2 12-15
3. Leg Extensions 2 8-12 (rest pause)
4a. Leg Press 2 12-15
4b. Hack Squats 2 12-15
5. Lying Leg Curl 2 8-12
6. Stiff-Legged Deadlifts 2 Failure (double drop sets)
Exercise Sets Reps
1. Machine Shoulder Press 1 15 (warm up)
2a. Arnold Press 2 8-12
2b. Bent Lateral Raise 2 8-12
3. Side Lateral Raise 2 8-12
4. Dumbbell Front Raise 2 8-12 (double drop sets)
5a. Barbell Shrugs 2 8-12
5b. Dumbbell Shrugs 2 8-12
5c. Upright Rows 2 8-12
  • In the morning, perform 20 mins of HIIT on stationary bike.
  • If you'd like to train abs on this day, superset swiss ball crunches with hanging leg raise for 3 sets of 20-30 reps.
  • Post workout perform 10 mins of HIIT on a rower.
Exercise Sets Reps
1a. Standing Calf Raises 2 15
1b. Seated Calf Raises 2 15
2. Toe Raise on Leg Press 2 15
3. Seated Wrist Curls 2 15 (double drop sets)
4. Reverse Curls 2 8-12
  • Perform 10 min of HIIT on stationary bike post workout.

Keys to Continuous Progress

While the 30 minute sessions outlined above varies from one workout to the next, two key variables will remain unchanged: Consistency and intensity.

The fact that many people train halfheartedly and with near-zero impact is seldom due to inherent laziness or an unwillingness to commit to the task at hand. In fact, poor training intensity and sloppy form is usually the result of having to juggle multiple movements, sets and reps across an hour or more of ‘intensive’ training.

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To get the most from each workout, it’s best to include a smaller number of sets and exercises.By cramming more intensity into each set, half the work of a typical hour-long session is more than sufficient to stimulate a growth response.7

More intensity means more muscle, and more metabolically-active muscle means faster shredding. Shredding without an emphasis on muscle-building resistance can lead to frustration and a wavering enthusiasm for the shredding process.

With training intensity comes more fat-stripping testosterone.4, 8 Going to failure on each set and lifting as heavy as possible will ensure that the muscle protein synthesizing effects of our most potent anabolic hormone will remain on point.6, 7

As with weights, the same is true for cardio. Rather than plodding through hours and hours of steady state, lower intensity work, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can be used to more effectively blast fat while preserving quality muscle.

Training consistency is arguably the most important of training prerequisites. Missed sessions and fluctuating intensity and motivation levels are responsible for more frustration among well-meaning trainees than all other factors combined.

Incentivized training is a superior means to ensuring full commitment. And what better way to incentivize your training than to enjoy tangible progress from session to session. Shorter sessions also make committed training more feasible, thus encouraging greater consistency and results!

So why not limit the time spent in the gym, double your training intensity and redirect your focus to doing only what is effective?

Do what you need to do with maximum effort, efficiency and effectiveness, get out of the gym, and grow!

Allmax athlete looking shredded

Bonus Tips to Maximize your Shredding Success

1. Begin your 30 Minutes to Shred Program in Decent Shape

While the above program will ensure impressive fat loss regardless of your starting weight and physical condition, to achieve the super shredded look of a pro level fitness model requires an initial bodyfat percentage in the neighborhood of 12-15%.

2. Don’t Rush the Process

Like anything worth doing in life, achieving your best shape will require a long view toward eventual success.1 While the above program is ultra-effective and will produce results you’ll be happy with, don’t get caught up in thinking that you’ll be chasing Olympia gold following ten weeks of devoted effort.

Being the best you can be is what we are after. Follow the necessary steps and be patient.

3. Avoid Overtraining

Overtraining remains one of the biggest barriers to fat loss success. Doing more – both weights and cardio – can, in fact, halt, or even reverse, the shredding progress. While a state of gross overtraining is difficult to achieve, even small unnecessary increases in training volume and duration can have a harmful effect on muscle growth and fat loss.

The greater the degree of activity, the more likely it is that the body will turn to muscle tissue to sustain energy levels and the more likely it will be that the body will shut down its fat burning mechanisms to limit the excessive expenditure of calories. Do only what is prescribed above – no more, and no less.

4. Nutrition is Key

Because the above program is designed specifically to strip fat while further building lean muscle, a clean, nutrient-dense diet is vital. In fact, it’s almost certain that a failure to achieve your desired look via the processes outlined in this article will occur only in the presence of poor dietary habits.

Keep your nutrition sound, avoid junk foods and make sure you do not over-consume calories, regardless of the sources they are derived from.

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5. Supplement for Success

Targeted supplementation has become synonymous with advanced training progress. The best nutrient-dense diet in the world will not compensate for the hidden fats, sugars and toxins found in even the most nutritious foods. Sufficient quality protein is also difficult to obtain through whole foods alone.

Thus, vitamin/mineral supplementation combined with a reputable whey shake, pre-workout, creatine product4 and general health formula (like green foods) will give you maximum return on your investment of time and effort in the gym.


Shredding up for summer doesn’t need to be a grueling mission fraught with frustration and poor results. A good basic plan of attack combined with proper eating, advanced supplementation, patience and positivity will give you the results you desire.

There’s no magic pill for stripping bodyfat and building impressive muscularity. However, the fact that well-meaning lifters continue to pay outrageous sums for ‘designer’ programs on Instagram suggests that many are still searching for that elusive key to shredding success. The key you are looking for is outlined above.

By applying consistency and intensity and never losing focus of your shredding mission, you will undoubtedly achieve the best shape of your life. Tell us about your results in the comments section below!

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