Anthony Ramos Ab Workout Routine: Train like the “In the Heights” Star!

You guys may know Anthony Ramos from roles like A Star is Born, Hamilton and most recently In The Heights!

Ramos struts a lean and toned physique, so naturally you guys are eager to know how he does it.

More specifically, what everyone wants to know is how he trains his abs!

Luckily for us Ramos was awesome enough to jump on a video with Men’s Health and tell us all about it.

We have seen some other ab workouts specifically here at SHJ within our Celeb Workout Database, and this is another great addition for a one off workout to tack on top of one of our longer routines.

To start off the video Ramos introduces himself a bit and then tells us a little bout him and his trainer, Corey Harbison.

The funny part is while recording the video it’s actually only the second time they’ve met in person because they have been working together virtually!

Ramos says:

“My goal was to do something productive with myself while I was in the house. I couldn’t work or anything and I was just looking at myself in the mirror like ‘dang bro you lookin’ scrawny’. So I was like, I should probably get back at it…it’s been years!”

And while he jokes and tells his story he also clips in a video of him doing crunches while holding his dog over his head while at home on the mat.

From there his coach Corey takes over and begins telling us about what they’re going to specifically be sharing to work our abs.

He breaks it down like this:

“Today what we’re going to do is jump into a lot of the core engagement, a lot of the real ab focused stuff to make sure that he had a good foundation. So it’s focused on the abs but then it’s going to be sort of getting you a bit of everything. Little upper, little lower – but always a core focus, a lot of core engagement the whole time.”

Ramos then agrees that this style is generally where their workouts together end up.

From there they get right into it, and I’ll be sharing the full workout broken down step by step below.

Anthony Ramos Ab Workout

Anthony Ramos Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Anthony Ramos Ab Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health, Anthony Ramos and trainer Corey Harbison.


1A. Bear Plank to Plank

1×30 seconds

1B. Bear Plank to Pushup

1×30 seconds

1C. Pushup to Frogger

1×30 seconds

2. Skin the Cat

5 x 3

3. Back Extension with Rotation

5 x 6 per side


Plank Walkout to Dive Bomber

1×3 minutes


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