Bear Grylls Workout Routine: Military Train like Man VS. Wild Adventurer!

There’s no denying that Bear Grylls is an absolute badass.

Grylls’ title is technically a “British adventure” but if you’ve seen any of Man Vs. Wild or  Running Wild with Bear Grylls you definitely know there’s MUCH more to it than the title leads on.

Grylls, as some of you may know, was also in the military from 1994-1997 and he jumped on a video with Men’s Health to bring some of that military style training to life for us.

We’ve seen a good handful of military style training here at SHJ at this point, and our Assassin Calisthenics program has even been utilized to train new U.S. Marines – but Grylls style of training brings in a new flair for us.

Which is always nice when you’re working with our Workout Database that now has well over 1,000 workouts!

Grylls starts the video by saying:

“I always try and do as many of my training sessions as I can outside.  I’m with my good buddy, Heff – we’re going to train together, 30 minutes.  It’s going to be against the clock, high intensity, functional strength using kettlebells.”

From there we get some more awesome clips of Grylls, including one from the new Netflix Original “Animal On The Loose”, before getting back to Grylls who is ready to start the workout.

He goes on to say:

“So I was never a natural athlete. I always had to work at it. So I need to be fit and strong for my job – you know I’m out in these jungles and these mountains and we’re there for an extended period of time with less than ideal food and supplies sometimes, so having a good base resilience and physical fitness is really important in my life.”

And while I don’t know if you or I will be jumping into any Man VS. Wild kind of conditions anytime soon, I personally took on this workout and it is KILLER for a 30 minute training session to be thrown into other full week programs we have here at SHJ.

Let me know what you think if you give it a go!

Bear Grylls Workout

Bear Grylls Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Bear Grylls Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health and Alex Guerrero (TB12 Co-Founder).


Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

Repeat each block three times.


A. Plank

B. Plank Knee to Elbow

C. Plank Hands to Elbows

D. Superman Hold


A. Squat Jumps

B. Split Squats (Right and Left)

C. Kettlebell Swings


A. Pushups

B. Alternating Arm Pushups

C. Pike Pushups

D. Close-Grip Pushups


A. Bodyweight Row

B. Pullups

C. Kettlebell Single-Arm Row


A. Overhead Press

B. Kettlebell Hammer Curl

C. Overhead Triceps Extensions

D. Upright Row


A. Kettlebell Knees-to-Elbows

B. Kettlebell Russian Twist

C. Bicycle Crunch

D. Superman Holds

E. Clams


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