Carmelo Anthony Workout Routine: Melo’s Off Season NBA Training Regime!

As I said in our recent article outlining Steph Curry’s Workout: we are making our way into more professional athletes this year.

From professional wrestlers and fighters to tennis, football and NBA superstars like Melo…our Workout Database continues to grow.

We started with my research into HUNDREDS of celebrities workouts, diets, and overall lifestyles – and I even wrote a book about my research with dozens of case studies called “Superhuman Secrets”, and now we’re bringing in more athletes to the mix for anyone looking to mix it up.

In our article about Steph Curry and The Golden State Warrior’s routine we had their performance coach explaining to Men’s Health all about their “general workout” they might utilize before a practice, but for this one Melo himself hops on a video with MH to discuss his off season routine.

To start the video Anthony says:

“I work the hardest on my body. The on-court stuff, that’s going to come; as long as my body is right – that’s what matters to me at this point in my career.”

From there Melo takes us right to the court, instead of the gym we’re used to seeing.

For this routine Anthony actually takes us through dribbling, shooting, and other drills – which is something that’s a fun change from the more typical routine we’d expect athletes to bring to MH.

Melo also says:

“So each year for the passed 18-19 years, I always try to add something to my game, and doing things that give me an edge on my competition. A lot of the work happens off the court, so by the time I get on the court it’s smooth sailing.”

He does makes mention to some other things he does other than this workout he’s going to run us through, stating:

I do boxing, pilates – those are things that kind of help me with agility, keep my body right, keep my hips, ankles, shoulders, all of the things that you need to be successful out there.”

He also talks about how much his weight loss has helped his movement and overall training session, but says once he got it down it’s “like clockwork”.

Then he jumps on the court and begins shooting.

But I’ll take you through the entire routine below.

Carmelo Anthony Workout Routine

Carmelo Anthony Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Carmelo Anthony Off-Season Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health and Carmelo Anthony.


Warm Up: 

Form Shooting

3 makes take 1 step back

Lunge Shooting

3 makes take 1 step back


1 Dripple Jumper

Both Ways

Corner Drifts

3 makes in a row

Double Tap Jab Jumper

Both Sides

Jab Jumper

Both Sides

Back to Basket Fade Away

Fade Each Way

1 Dribble Pushout

3 makes on 4 attempts max

Dtifts Slot to Wing

3 makes in a row (both sides)

Shot Fake Slide from Corner

3 makes in a row (both side)

2 Handed Alley Oop

End it in style..!


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