Daniel Craig “No Time To Die” Workout Routine: Train like 007!

This is obviously not the first time we’re seeing Daniel Craig here at SHJ.

Our original article: Daniel Craig Workout Routine and Diet Plan, breaks down a full week’s worth of Craig’s training to become Bond AND goes into details about his nutrition as well.

But now we’re back for some updated information about his newest role as 007 in No Time To Die – which we’re lucky enough to be getting in a new video with Men’s Health and celeb trainer Simon Waterson.

We’ve actually had some other information about his No Time To Die training already here at SHJ regarding why he went from heavy weightlifting to more of a calisthenics and lighter structure to his training.

Now we’re going to be seeing how that compares to this new prioritization which Men’s Health calls:

Prioritizing explosive moments, Waterson shares both an agility and cardio circuit as well as a brutal but effective strength superset.

The actual routine and full breakdown we’ll be pulling from comes directly from their video on their YouTube channel, so that’s where you’ll want to grab any visual references!

Waterson starts the video with Men’s Health by saying:

“So one of the fundamental things that I try to teach Daniel is that it’s all about explosive movement; getting down, getting up off the floor as quickly and as efficiently as possible. So here are the few of the moves that I use and put together in a circuit form to allow him to be able to portray the character on screen.”

From there Waterson doesn’t waste any time and he jumps right into the movements which I’ll be breaking down one by one below.

Again, if you want a full article on Daniel Craig’s Workout and Diet Plan we have that here at SHJ within our Workout Database as well.

Daniel Craig Workout Routine

Daniel Craig Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Daniel Craig Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health, and Simon Waterson.

Daniel Craig Workout: Agility Phase

Circuit: 3 Rounds for Time

A. Slider Mountain Climbers

30 seconds

B. Cone Shuffles

30 seconds

C. Bosu Reverse Lunge to High knee

10 reps per leg

D. Dumbbell Clean and Press

8 reps

E. Box Jump

1 rep over box

F. Battle Rope Waves

30 seconds

Daniel Craig Workout: Strength Phase

Strength Superset Finisher: Complete 3 Sets

A. Low Cable Fly

25 reps

B. Rear Delt Flys

25 reps


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