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Dolly Castro Chavez is a fitness model, entrepreneur, social media personality, vlogger, and influencer from Nicaragua. As soon as she moved to the United States, she began auditioning for calendar photoshoots. Thereafter, she received several offers from magazines and websites. She felt that sharing her story with others and inspiring them to work hard in life was something she needed to do in addition to modeling. So, she created a YouTube channel where she posts videos related to various topics.


On 14 July 1984, Dolly Castro Chavez was born in Managua, Nicaragua, and she became famous as Miss Dolly Castro [1]Dolly Castro – Instagram. When she was a child, she loved cooking with her mother and aspired to be a chef. Due to her parents’ religious upbringing, she was discouraged from choosing such a risky vocation, insisting that she choose an option that would provide a stable source of income. Hence, in 2003, she enrolled at the Christian University in Managua to study law, however, in 2007, after graduating, she realized that becoming a lawyer was not for her. Despite the disapproval of her parents, Dolly was determined to find out what she really wanted and eventually settled on modeling as her ideal career.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5 ft 5 in

Weight (approx.): 54 kgs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Dolly Castro

Family & Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

Neither her parents nor siblings are described in great detail.

Dolly Castro with her mom-
Dolly Castro with her mom

Relationship, Husband & Children

Samier Chavez is an entrepreneur, model, and athlete. He and Dolly Castro married in 2018.

Dolly Castro with her husband
Dolly Castro with her husband

After graduating from college, Dolly gave birth to her daughter. The girl’s name is Karen Castro.

Dolly Castro with her daughter Karen Castro-
Dolly Castro with her daughter Karen Castro

Her second child is also a daughter. The girl’s name is Alyssa Castro Chavez and she is now an entrepreneur.

Dolly Castro with her daughter Alyssa Castro-
Dolly Castro with her daughter Alyssa Castro


Career Beginnings: Moving to Miami and Becoming a Fitness Model

Castro wasn’t blind to her looks and physique – she was aware that she had a chance to make it, but Nicaragua wasn’t going to offer her a great deal of business opportunity. Her difficult decision was to move to Miami, Florida, in search of employment. Dolly’s career kick-started in this city that is known for its health models and celebrities. This industry was precisely what she needed with her plump curves and flawless complexion. The actress was featured on the covers of Cover Shock Magazine, Good Life, Mixed Magazine, and Bombom Nitido Telemundo at the beginning of her career. While she became famous through successful photoshoots, Dolly had no intention of becoming complacent. Her realization that modeling would be dominated by social media prompted her to advertise herself and search for new business opportunities. The fitness queen has again made the right choice and reached the top level of her profession.

Branching Out: Superstardom and Bars & Branches

It didn’t take long for Dolly to become internationally famous – every photo she uploaded received several thousand ‘likes’ within hours. Creating a formidable online presence with the help of her social media management team opened the doors for a number of brands to approach her. Despite making millions of dollars promoting workout supplement brands, apparel retailers, and even clubs, she was not completely satisfied. Dolly was hardworking and dedicated to her work, but she wasn’t a big fan of passive income; she wanted to be able to make decisions and control her life. This led her to form “Bars and Branches”, a fitness clothing company. In her capacity as CEO and creator, [2]Dolly Castro – LinkedIn, Castro supervises a team of designers from around the world who design fashionable and functional outerwear for men and women alike. As a result of good promotion and influencer marketing, the brand became one of the most popular companies in the fitness wear industry quickly.

The front page of the Bars and Branches website
The front page of the Bars and Branches website

Online Presence

Social media has seized the attention of worldwide audiences in such a way that most celebrities are naturally motivated to keep their fans informed about their activities and thus sustain and possibly increase their ratings and earnings. Dolly herself is not new to this trend, as she encourages her fans to interact with her and updates her public profiles on a regular basis. It was with her YouTube channel that she launched her first foray into the world of content creation – today, “therealdollycastro” boasts more than 800,000 views and 17K subscribers.

Dolly Castro's Youtube channel-
Dolly Castro’s YouTube channel

Her fans interact with her regularly on Instagram, where she has 6.2 million followers. Castro used her savings to start a fitness apparel company, Bars and Branches, after becoming an international star. Her company, which boasts a following of 160,000 on Instagram, is the product of her creativity, ownership, and leadership. Dolly became a famous motivational speaker and one of the best-loved individuals in the fitness industry after using her struggles as an example.


  • Throughout her career as a model, this dusky beauty has endorsed several brands and products and also push them through Instagram posts.
  • Born and raised in Managua, she wanted to become a chef while growing up, but her parents wanted her to be a lawyer as it is a much-respected profession.
  • Dolly gave up her dream and enrolled at Christian University to study law to fulfill her parent’s wish. But destiny had other plans.
  • Whilst in college, she participated in several modeling competitions and eventually won most of them. She had won the “La Reina Del Coligio India Bonita” modeling competition for straight 8 years, which boosted her to make it her full-time career.
  • Dolly Castro has featured in several fashion magazines such as shock magazine, good life magazine, mixed magazine, black men magazine, and many others.
  • Eventually, Dolly expanded her fame beyond modeling and plunged into social media platforms, gaining a large number of fans as well.
  • She makes use of her popularity to promote her own brands and other brands as well.
  • She has two pet dogs. One of her dogs’ name is Chanel.
    Dolly Castro has two pet dogs-
    Dolly Castro has two pet dogs

    Chanel, Dolly Castro's pet dog-
    Chanel, Dolly Castro’s pet dog
  • Dolly Castro is a huge believer in social services and likes to visit shelter homes and help people in need.

    Dolly Castro's Instagram post about visiting a shelter house-
    Dolly Castro’s Instagram post about visiting a shelter house
  • She has done Zip lining before.

    Dolly Castro ziplining-
    Dolly Castro ziplining
  • She can push a car by herself!

    Dolly Castro pushing a car-
    Dolly Castro pushing a car
  • Her first Instagram picture is that of her and her daughter, Alyssia celebrating her daughter’s 10th birthday. The picture also includes their pet dog, Chanel. The picture was posted on August 29, 2013.

    Dolly Castro's first Instagram post-
    Dolly Castro’s first Instagram post


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