Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine: Mayweather’s 30 Minute Boxing Program!

We’ve been actively trying to get more of the GOATS here at SHJ.

From Tom Brady to Arnold Schwarzenegger, all the way to other GOAT boxers like Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali – we obviously needed to eventually make our way to Floyd Mayweather!

For this one we’re going to be taking a look at a 30 minute boxing workout Mayweather shared with Muscle and Fitness.

The cool part about this one is we’re going to be training with a lot of techniques we’re already familiar with and love at SHJ.

We’re talking about things like jump rope and calisthenics – two training styles we combine and also have mini databases for!

This is also another routine that helps me stick to my promise that I would be prioritizing athletes within our Workout Database.

To lead off their article M&F states:

Boxing is a great way to get in a workout. Whether you’re doing shadowboxing, sparring, bodyweight work, or agility training, all types of boxing workouts can help you improve your overall fitness. And how about if you could do the workout of one of the top boxers of all-time, Floyd Mayweather? We did the hard work for you and created one of Mayweather’s best 30-minute workouts to get you into prime boxing shape.

They then go on to talk a bit about how they created it and what pieces of Mayweather they took to put it together, before eventually getting into each step in the process of the regime.

They also piece together quotes from Mayweather in the process of breaking down the routine, which read like this:

For the sake of simplifying our training I’m going to take what they put together and break it down for us below so we have the full 30 minute workout right there for us to jump into whenever we want.

Get ready for some boxing intensity!

Floyd Mayweather Workout

Floyd Mayweather Workout

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Floyd Mayweather Workout

This workout is shared by Muscle and Fitness.


Warm Up:

1-2 Minutes of Dynamic Movements

Workout: Round One

1 Minute of Jump Rope

Superset A:

A. 10 Push Ups

B. 20 Second Plank

Superset B:

A. 10 Ab Rollouts

B. 10 Crunches

Superset C:

A. Jump Squats

B. Reverse Lunges with Twist

1 Minute Shadowboxing with Weights (Jab, Cross)

Workout: Round Two

One Minute Jump Rope Side Swings

Superset A:

A. 15 Push Ups

B. 25 Second Plank

Superset B:

A. 15 Ab Rollouts

B. 15 Crunches

Superset C:

A. 15 Jump Squats

B. 15 Reverse Lunges with Twist

One Minute Shadow Boxing with Weights (Hooks)

Workout: Round Three

One Minute Jump Rope Side Swings

Superset A:

A. 20 Push Ups

B. 30 Second Plank

Superset B:

A. 20 Ab Rollouts

B. 20 Crunches

Superset C:

A. 20 Jump Squats

B. 20 Reverse Lunges with Twist

One Minute Shadow Boxing with Weights (Uppercuts)


“Once your workout is complete, it is important to cool down with static stretching to lengthen the muscles, improve recovery, and reduce the risk of injuries.”


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