James Conner Workout Routine: Train like an NFL Star!

James Conner is a monster.

Standing in at 6’2 and 235 lbs., he is not a guy you want running straight at you (or to be running straight at in hope to take down…).

The Pittsburgh Steelers running back works with a trainer and chef named Arron Sain who hopped on (also with Conner) an interview with Muscle and Fitness and now we’re lucky enough to be breaking it down and getting a routine Conner uses out of it.

Conner is joining a ton of professional athletes (we’ve made them a big focus in 2021) within our Workout Database, and this routine is killer!

I personally love supersets, and that’s exactly what Sain builds Conner’s routine around.

In the interview with M&F they share:

Conner, like most Americans when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the U.S. back in March, was forced into lockdown and left without a gym to train. At his home in Pittsburgh, equipped with just a pair of 50-pound dumbbells and a 45-pound plate, Conner went to work, combining a mix of presses and rows and carries to keep his body tight, while even adding a conditioning round of running the steps of his townhouse.

“I also did a lot of body-weight stuff,” he says. “I just did what I could to make it work.”

In June, Conner made his way to South Beach, where he would begin a not-your-normal daily workout regimen, training as often as three times a day. He says this year’s training program was significantly more challenging than in years’ past.

“I try and dig a little deeper every year, work a little harder,” Conner says. “I thought I was working really hard last year as well, but each year you have to try and elevate your game and push harder, and keep getting better than I was yesterday.”

They also go on to breakdown Conner’s multiple different weight room sessions throughout the day.

They start by saying:

The first of a near-daily weightroom session would follow, then Conner would head back for 2:30 lunch prepared by Sain. A bodybuilder himself, Sain has also worked as the personal chef for Rams All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

“We just kept continuing to stack on good days and on top of good days,” Conner says. “And when we leave the weightroom, we definitely feel accomplished.”

Which they continue on to say [later in the article]:

For Conner’s final workout of the day, usually around 5:30, Sain had him perform a high-rep, moderate-weight routine. The reps, in the 15- to 25-rep range, would help build muscle strength and size. The high volume also worked his cardiovascular system, adding a taxing conditioning complement to his weight-training routine. “By doing this, we worked out for endurance and pushed the mind past the pain of so many reps,” Sain says. “For sure kept the heart rate up as well.

So Conner is obviously training A TON of volume, but let’s jump into his shoulder workout.

Shoot a comment below if you try it out.

James Conner Workout Routine

James Conner Workout Routine (1)

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

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James Conner Workout

This workout is shared by M&F and Arron Sain (Trainer & Chef).


Superset One:

A. Dumbbell Lateral Raise


B. Dumbbell Overhead Press


Superset Two:

A. Front Plate Raise


B. Upright Rows


Superset Three:

A. Rear Dumbbell Flys


B. Cable Face Pulls


Machine Shoulder Press


Reverse Fly Machine



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