James Harden Workout Routine: Train like an NBA Superstar!

I’ve been making it a point to prioritize more athletes within our Celebrity Workouts Database to really round out our overall Workout Database, and this week we’re back for another NBA Superstar.

We’ve seen a few other basketball stars, like Lebron James for example, but we actually had a ton of requests come in specifically for Harden.

And, good news: Harden’s trainer hopped on a video with Men’s Health to break down some of his training.

Harden’s trainer, Paul Fabritz has had the job of getting Harden ready for the last four years during his off-season and he breaks down some of the workout and regime they’d done together in the video.

Fabritz says:

“He plays 82 plus games every year. We gotta keep him durable, resilient and healthy. But, he’s also competing for the MVP each year – so it’s not just about health – it’s also about explosiveness..it’s about his movements on the court. So I’m going to take you through a typical workout. Let’s do it.”

Fabritz then brings in one of his other trainers to demonstrate the movements Harden would be doing, and he breaks down a ton of the intro training like dynamic warm up and other things they do before the real “good stuff” even begins.

I’ll be breaking down the entire programming below for us to give a shot.

James Harden Workout

James Harden Workout (1)

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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James Harden Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health and Paul Fabritz.

James Harden Off-Season Workout Routine:

Dynamic Warm Up:

(2 Rounds of Each Movement/Exercise from Midline to Mid-Court)

High Knee Skips


Walking Hamstring Stretch

Quad Stretch with Lean

Frankenstein Kicks

Adductor Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Quickline into The Stick – 3 Each Leg – 30 Seconds On, 30 Seconds Off

Stability Drills:

Euro Step Stability

3-4 sets of 4-6 reps per side

Core Activation:

DaVinci Plank

3 sets of 30 seconds per side

The Workout Routine: 

Weighted Jumps (Hex Bar)

4 sets of 3-5 reps

Single Arm Dumbbell Press

4 sets of 8-12 reps per side

Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat

4 sets of 6-8 reps per side

Inverted Rows

4 sets of 10-15 reps


Active Hamstring Stretch

10 reps per side

Samson Stretch

3-5 reps per side

Kneeling Ankle Mobility

8-12 reps per side


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