Josh Duhamel Workout Routine: Train like The Utopian from Jupiter’s Legacy!

Josh Duhamel came into Jupiter’s Legacy looking incredible for someone pushing 50 years old.

We’ve seen Frank Grillo’s physique at 55 years old blow away some of the younger guys here at SHJ – so we’re well aware age is just a number.

Duhamel has also starred in movies like Transformers, Safe Haven, When in Rome, and many more – but now everyone is flooding the request form wanting to know how to train to become like The Utopian!

Duhamel was an athlete growing up, which we’ll discuss more in depth later, but that is a big part of where his athletic physique comes from and his current training has changed drastically into keeping his flexibility and overall health.

Josh Duhamel Stats:

Height: 6’4

Weight: (approximate) 187  lbs.

Age: 48 years old

Duhamel is listed around 6’3-6’4 which puts him at the taller range among celebrity men we’ve researched here at SHJ.

Technically 6’3 is just at the cut off, but I did find a few sources that list the 6’4 range.

The average height falls in the range of 6’1-6’3 with celebs like Chris PrattChris HemsworthChris EvansAdam DriverStephen AmellClive Standen and so many more.

Guys around 5’10-6’0 are dudes like Brad PittMatt Damon and Jason Statham, but the ACTUAL shorter range is filled with guys like Mark WahlbergZac EfronKit HaringtonTom Holland and more.

Even taller than them are guys like The MountainJoe ManganielloBen AffleckJason MomoaRay FisherWinston DukeAlexander Skarsgard and a few others.

But, don’t worry either way.

We write these routines to be utilized by any shape and size.

Josh Duhamel Workout 2

Josh Duhamel Diet and Nutrition

There’s not an overwhelming amount of information on Josh Duhamel’s diet out there in interviews or sources.

That being said: it is safe to assume that his nutrition has changed a bunch throughout the years. 

In a video with Men’s Health he starts off a video making a joke about how he always carries a raw egg, but not much substantial information.

He says:

“I always carry an egg. You never know when you need a protein boost. Not hard boiled by the way – this is a raw egg. I eat that shit like Rocky.”

Duhamel then goes on to say “Don’t make me do it”, which eventually leads to him being forced to try it…

It doesn’t go well AT ALL, and Duhamel basically spits it up into the sink after gagging on his way there.

We’ve done a Raw Egg YouTube Challenge and I think I was able to pretty easily down like 16 of them, so I’m not sure where it went wrong for Mr. Duhamel.

That being said, Duhamel does mention just actively making the right choices when it comes to his nutrition, so that will generally look like a moderate to high protein diet for someone his height and build – other macronutrients falling in place due to his activity level as well.

We see a lot of celebs opt for a sustainable approach like this.

That’s why our Academy Nutrition Classes (Monks, Minimalists, SuperHumans, Vikings, Spartans, Hunter Gatherers, Greek Gods, Samurais, & Eat Fat, Lose Fat) revolve around helping you find the specific diet that is right FOR YOU.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons to HAVE the strict guidelines.

We’ve seen a lot of celebs opt for specific restrictions. 

For example: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart incorporate 80/20 dieting with big weekly cheat meals, Hugh JackmanBenedict CumberbatchTom Hopper, and Terry Crews utilize intermittent fasting(something I use daily as well), Mustafa Shakir and Madelaine Petsch are vegansBrandon Routh and Frank Grillo opt for paleo, and tons of others utilize their own variations as well.

And, that’s just to name a few celebs from each, by the way.

You can check out our Nutrition Pillars for more information and articles on all of the above and more.

Curious what the Top Diets Among Celebrities actually are?  Check it out.

Josh Duhamel Workout 1

Josh Duhamel Workout Routine Research

For this section we’re going to be talking about two different periods of time for Josh Duhamel.

As I mentioned above: he was an athlete growing up, so we’ll be talking about that period considering it helped his overall physique and aesthetic through the years, but his current training style is MUCH different nowadays – which is eventually what we’re going to work our way to for the workout routine below.

In an interview with Muscle and Fitness they learn a bunch about him and they tell us:

Duhamel’s athletic build is the product of years of training like an athlete, including playing both football and basketball at Minot State University in his home state of North Dakota.

Jumping back to the Men’s Health video we can learn a bunch more about the two different phases of training styles throughout Duhamel’s life.

He says:

“I workout, like a real workout, probably four or five times a week.”

He then goes on to talk about how his training style has changes, saying:

“You know it’s changed over the years. It used to be just lifting weights and trying to get bulky and buff, but I found that that just wasn’t working for me – my body just doesn’t seem to want to do that. It’s more about, you know, staying flexible. So I’ll do my rower, I’ll do my Peloton…Hot Yoga – which has become a really good friend of mine…I do this ice tub that I have in the backyard.”

He then explains his overall goals right now as such:

“So really my goal right now is just to stay flexible, stay injury free, stay pain free, and not as many weights as I used to.”

Which means this workout isn’t going to really be the typical style weightlifting training you may have originally though you might find here.

Jumping back to the Muscle and Fitness interview before we get into the actual workout, Duhamel also told them:

“I do circuit training with heavy cardio at least three times a week— heavy lifting if I’m looking to bulk up and keep muscle on—and interval 100-yard sprints uphill every day,”

So we’re also going to be keeping this in mind considering Duhamel does seem to be sticking to the heavy cardio training and in the video he does share some movements he’s doing with resistance bands as well.

Get ready.

Josh Duhamel Workout Routine

Josh Duhamel Workout Routine

Training Volume:

4-5 days per week


Duhamel says he gets a workout in 4-5 days a week so this one gives you a wide variety of workouts to pair in, even with just two programmed days, being that I give you multiple options for subbing the training style to insert something that might be more your speed!

Want To Upgrade This Workout?

The Superhero Academy now comes with an Upgrade Your Workout Tool that allows Academy members to turn any SHJ workout into a 4-8 week fully planned regime detailing exact weights to lift and including reverse & tradition pyramid training, straight sets, super sets, progressive overload and more.

Josh Duhamel Workout Routine: Sample Schedule

Monday: Rower and Hot Yoga or Band Work

Tuesday: Peloton Bike Training or Endurance “Heavy Cardio”

Wednesday: Rower and Hot Yoga or Band Work

Thursday: Peloton Bike Training or Endurance “Heavy Cardio”

Friday: Rower and Hot Yoga or Band Work

Saturday: Active Rest Day

Sunday: Rest Day

Josh Duhamel Workout Routine: Rower and Hot Yoga or Band Work

Warm Up Cardio:

Do 20-30 Minutes of Rowing

**Sub this for treadmill walk/run or some variation of high intensity interval training.**

Hot Yoga:

Hot Yoga you’re going to need to jump into a class, but you also have the option of throwing on a 30-60 minute video on YouTube if this is something you’re looking to get into.

I recommend these YouTube Channels for pairing with SHJ Workouts.

Alternative Band Workout (If no Hot Yoga):

Band Bicep Curls


Band Thrusters


Band Kickbacks

3×10 each arm

Band Bent Over Rows


Band Overhead Press


Band Bench Press or Incline Standing Cable Flyes


Josh Duhamel Workout Routine: Peloton Bike Training or Endurance “Heavy Cardio”


If you have a Peloton of a bike at home, hop on and jump into a 30-60 minute workout routine that gets you sweating and increases the intensity up a notch!

If not you have some other options:

  • SPIN Class
  • Hiking
  • Running Outdoor
  • Row/Swim/Bike 30-60 Minutes

Endurance Training Resources:


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