Mark Wahlberg Ab Workout Routine: Train to Get Abs like Mark!

We’ve seen a lot of Mark Wahlberg here at SHJ already.

I guess that happens when you’re shredded when you’re younger and just get more and more jacked as you age…

We’ve already seen:

And now we’re here to learn how Wahlberg trains for six pack abs!

I’m going to be breaking it all down for you below, but to start I’ll be pulling from different resources we’ve seen from Mark over the years to be able to come up with the ultimate Mark Wahlberg ab workout.

To start I’m going to be pulling from, which interviews Wahlberg’s trainer for his role in Pain and Gain, Brian Nguyen.

They break down ten ab workouts that were go-to movements for Wahlberg’s ab workout – but we’ll also be sharing some of Wahlberg’s NEW go-to movements that he has personally shared.

Spoiler alert: he loves different variations of hanging movements.

Wahlberg has shared both of the hanging ab movements I’ll share below right to his personal Instagram account in different variations – talking about how effective and awesome they’ve been for him.

Get ready!

Mark Wahlberg Ab Workout

Mark Wahlberg Ab Workout (1)

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Mark Wahlberg Ab Workout

Mark Wahlberg NEW Go-To Ab Movements

Hanging Leg Raises with Side Angle

Helicopters with Medicine Ball

Mark Wahlberg Pain & Gain Ab Workout

Complete each movement 3 sets 20-30+ reps


Mountain climber

Loaded walk/farmer’s walk

Russian twist

Leg raises

Side bridge

Plank with alternate shoulder touch

Pallof press

Stability ball stir the pot

Half get-up


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