Miguel Intense HIIT Workout Routine: Train like The Singer with Shredded Abs!

Miguel, singer of “So I Lie”, needs to stay in shape to put on a great show, but he also shows off a pretty great physique…which means the workout he’s adding to his prep is clearly working!

We’ve seen a handful of other performers/singers here at SHJ within our Celebrity Workouts Database, and adding Miguel’s HIIT Workout is going to be a great addition.

Our full Workout Database has over two hundred and fifty celebrity workouts and over five hundred character inspired workouts for you guys to go through.

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Lucky for us, Miguel actually recently hopped on a video with Men’s Health to share an intense HIIT workout that can be done completely outside and no weights or equipment other than a tree!

He also has his weighted vest with him, but only uses it for bicep curls that would effect the routine needing equipment.

In the video we immediately see (and he tells us) that he just finished a short hike with the weighted vest and then explains how he’s going to take us through the workout.

I’ll be breaking down the entire workout for us below, exercise by exercise, but I do want to share a little of what Miguel tells us in the video aside from the specific movements.

When Miguel finishes up his last exercise he hops up and says:

“My mind right now – it was zooming before I got this workout in, and now I’m clear. I beat my body up. It’s mine. It belongs to me. I’m clear about that now. It’s time to wind down. I have some time – I’ll get a quick stretch in and then really put the cherry on top with the meditation since I didn’t get that this morning.”

He then proceeds to cooldown with his meditation.

While Miguel is cooling down on a rock he tells us:

“Yeah, this is like the best part. Meditation has been pretty much a daily practice. After a workout you’re real clear and you just ease right into it and when you’re done you’re completely able to jiu-jitsu any bullshit throughout the day. It’s been super helpful for me. I do it every day because my mind is just static sometimes. With so much going on, I just need that bandwidth freed and this has been like the perfect cherry on top after the workout.”

So no skipping out on your meditation after this one.

Even if you have to work your way up to a simple 5-10 minute cooldown meditation – that’s great!

Miguel HIIT Workout

Miguel Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Miguel HIIT Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health, and Miguel.


Miguel doesn’t give a specific set range or time to complete each movement but you can complete these 30 seconds each or do 10-20 reps each movement and 30-60 seconds on holds.

Warm Up:

Weighted Vest Hike/Trail

HIIT Circuit (Miguel Keeps his Weighted Vest On):

Pull Ups


Criss Cross Pull Ups

Bicep Curls (He uses his weighted vest for this)

Inverted Rows


Goblet Squat

Hands-Elevated Push Ups

Step Ups

Decline Push Ups

Box Jumps



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