Sam Heughan 10 to 1 Ladder Circuit Workout

Today we’re bringing back Sam Heughan!

We already did a full breakdown of Sam Heughan’s workout and diet previously, but he recently shared a new take on his training regime that has adapted (which is definitely not new to us) over the years.

Last time we researched Sam Heughan’s training he was using a four part bodyweight system for his training, and also shared that he tends to train at a higher intensity level and shoot for quick and efficient training methods.

Well, that part hasn’t changed.

I researched hundreds of celebrities now and even wrote about it in Superhuman Secrets, and sometimes celebrities go from a lean and shredded look to a massive build (like Henry Cavill or Michael B. Jordan, for example), but Sam Heughan is mixing it up while keeping a lot the same.

Heughan recently jumped on a video with Men’s Health and shared a 10 to 1 Ladder Circuit routine that he has been using and says it’s how he trains on most days.

Actually, here’s an exact quote:

“Hi there, I”m Sam Heughan from Outlander and this is how I train on most days.”

He then goes on to say:

“I really enjoy the action stuff, not only in Outlander, but also really did Bloodshot with Vin Diesel, which is a very physical part. I put on as much muscle as I could. Or SOS: Red Notice is where I played a special forces operator. We adapted to training and it was a lot more tactical movement and a lot more Krav Maga, a lot more hand to hand combat – as opposed to Jamie Fraser, he’s a Highland warrior with a lot of battle scenes, a lot of fight scenes. Obviously the fitness aspect also helps with the performance aspect.”

Although it may not seem like Heughan bulked up for Bloodshot compared to many other celebrities we’ve seen bulk up in the past, when he goes on to explain his background (and as you can tell by the bodyweight and circuit style training and lack of heavy weights in all his training), it begins to be a bit more clear as to the body style and performance he’s shooting for.

Here’s how he breaks that down for us before getting into the routine:

“Filming in Scotland really gave me a passion of not only working out, but also getting outdoors. I love hiking. My background is a lot more endurance training. I’ve run a bunch of marathons. I recently ran two in a month.”

Which tells you a lot about the style of training and goals he has with his regime.

I’ll be breaking down the full circuit that he shares for us below.

Sam Heughan Circuit Workout

Sam Heughan Circuit Workout

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Sam Heughan 10 to 1 Circuit Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health and Sam Heughan.

Sam Heughan Workout:

Warm Up:

Rowing Machine

2 Minutes

Band Pull-Apart

3×10 reps

Push Up to Inch Worm

1×10 reps

10 To 1 Ladder Workout:

Explanation: Complete 10 Reps and then Decrease by 1 After Each Round of the Circuit


Kettlebell Front Cycle Squat (sometimes will sub Bench Press)

Push Ups

Leg Raises


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