Simu Liu Shang-Chi Workout Routine: Train like Marvel’s Newest Star!

We have our newest Marvel star coming SUPER soon.

Simu Liu is coming in and joining our MCU as Shang Chi!

We’ve had our own Shang Chi Inspired Workout in the past when we first learned he was coming, and we’ve even had a full article of research on Simu Liu’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan as well.

Now Simu Liu jumped on a video for Men’s Health and shared some more of his Shang Chi training!  He even calls this specific workout THE Shang Chi Workout that he used to transform into him.

One of the best tips Liu gives throughout the whole video comes towards the end when he says:

“If anyone were to ask me for advice on what the perfect workout is, honestly the most important thing is to show up. You just gotta get your butt out there!”

But, before we head into the workout, he does give a bunch of other insightful information and even just some stuff that’s fun to know about him!

He starts the video off with some background information, stating:

“So when I was 16 years old I thought that backflips were like the coolest thing, so I spent months and months of my life like literally flipping onto my head…”

He then goes on to say “this one’s for you dad!” and do a badass backflip before Men’s Health shows off some awesome clips from the movie of him doing sick stunts.

For the first half of the video Liu talks all about how Marvel brought in experts of all different martial arts to teach him how to do the moves – but then he also brings us into the actual workout.

They also clip over Liu doing an l-sit hold on some paralettes that shows he definitely incorporated some extra hold work and calisthenics movements on top of what this workout shows below.

BUT, let’s get into his Shang Chi workout…

Simu Liu Shang Chi Workout Routine

Simu Liu Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Simu Liu Shang Chi Workout Routine

This workout is shared by Men’s Health, Simu Liu and Bart Kwan!

Warm Up

Airfan Bike

5 Minutes


Superset One:

A. Banded Trap Bar Deadlift

5×5 reps

B. Box Jumps


Sled Push to Sprints

5×20 Yards

Rotational Med Ball Throws

3×5 Slams per Side

Superset Two:

A. Lateral Pulldowns


B. DB Lateral Raises



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