Stipe Miocic Leg Workout: Train Legs like a Former UFC Heavyweight Champion!

We’re going for a bit of a heavyweight UFC Champion themed week.

We’re going to kickstart it with some training from former heavyweight champ: Stipe Miocic.

Stipe Miocic’s workout is obviously diverse, but one thing we can do is listen to exactly what he shares and then utilize it for our own kickass training.

To start us off I want to share a PSA that Stipe posted on one of his Instagram posts:

PSA: Don’t ever underestimate the jump rope. Its great for stamina, the lymphatic system, total body muscle engagement, heart health, coordination, bone density, it even helps prevent injury… It’s also a HELL of a lot harder than it looks! -Happy hump day everybody, get after it! 💪🏽

The reason I specifically share this one is because we LOVE our Jump Rope Workouts here at SHJ – and hearing it come from the former champ might just sell you on it.

But, if you’re not ready for that just yet I should tell you that we’re going to be specifically working with a leg day routine, so if you want to pair it with a full weekly workout you can also find that, along with over a thousand others, within our Workout Database.

Stipe Miocic was nice enough to hop on a video with Men’s Health and share his leg day training, so that’s exactly what we’re going to be working with for this one.

Miocic lets his strength and conditioning coach break down the majority of his training within the video, but I’ll be piecing the entire workout together for us to utilize below.

Stipe Miocic Leg Workout

Stipe Miocic Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Stipe Miocic Leg Workout

This workout is shared by Men’s Health, Stipe Miocic’s strength and conditioning coach Bobby KalealI’, and Miocic.

Stretching and/or Dynamic Warm Up:

10-12 reps with 2-4 different banded stretches for both lower and upper body

Warm Up:

Band Resisted Shadow Work: 2-3 Minutes

No Resistance Shadow Work: 2-3 Minutes

Band Resisted Shadow Work: 2-3 Minutes

No Resistance Shadow Work and Speed Work: 2-3 Minutes

Eye-Hand Coordination Drills

Knee Stabilization Work

The Workout:

Belt Squat-Resisted Deadlift Squat Combo

Alternating 3 Reps each for 5 Minutes

Leg Press Plyo Swing

5 Minutes

Assisted Nordic Curl

5 Minutes

Band Resisted Ab Work

5 Minutes

Pull Ups

5 Minutes

Reverse Hypers

5 Minutes

**In between breaks for these exercises Stipe also does shadowboxing and kicks to stay loose and keep up the endurance.**


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