Uli Latukefu Young Rock Workout: How to Prep to Become The Rock!

We have seen so many different articles researching Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan that I knew when I saw research for this one it would be an instant hit.

If you didn’t already know, The Rock produced a show with NBC called “Young Rock” and Uli Latukefu stars as one of the Young Rock stars!

Recently Uli Latukefu and his brother and trainer, Maile Latukefu, hopped on a Men’s Health video to talk about his training for Young Rock.

When you’re going to be portraying Dwayne Johnson it’s smart to step it up a notch and look the part!

Latukefu says:

“So my goal coming into this really was to match Dwayne’s phsicalility, his athleticism, as well as his aesthetic.”

The brothers then go on to take us through some of the movements he utilized to do just that.

If you guys are Dwayne Johnson fans then this is an awesome workout routine (the full routine is broken down below), but we also have a TON of Dwayne Johnson articles and research [as I mentioned above].

Dwayne Johnson Workout and Diet Research:

Clearly The SHJ Army loves Dwayne Johnson as much as I do…

Uli Latukefu Young Rock Workout Routine

Uli latukefu Workout Routine

Training Volume:

One Day of Training
(To Be Repeated and Varied w/ Other Training)

Upgrade This Workout:

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Uli Latukefu Young Rock Workout Routine

This workout is shared by Men’s Health, Uli Latukefu and Maile Latukefu!


1A. Lateral Raises

8-10 sets x 4 reps

2A. Overhead Shoulder Press

810 sets x 4 reps


Pull Ups

8-10 sets x 4 reps

T-Bar Row

8-10 sets x 4 reps


Barbell Squats

8-10 sets x 4 reps

Romanian Deadlift

8-10 sets x 4 reps


Agility Ladders

A. Two-Foot Run

4 Sets (30 Sec. Rest)

B. Lateral In-In, Out-Out

4 Sets (30 Sec. Rest)

C. Ickey Shuffle

4 Sets (30 Sec. Rest)


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