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Vivi Viviane Winkler is a model and a bodybuilder, who gained recognition after she competed in the bodybuilding Liga Carioca Championship, finishing as the runner-up.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 2 May 1991, Viviane Winkler Lourenco was raised in Rio De Janeiro by her mother, a teacher at a local high school, and her father, who works at a local factory. Having spent a lot of time watching movies and TV series in her free time, she was interested in acting from a very young age, but everything changed when she started modelling at age 21. She was overweight when she was a teenager, and some of her classmates bullied her and laughed when she dreamed of being an actress, which led Vivi to start going to the gym. When she graduated, she decided not to attend college because she wanted to lose weight. She then went on to pursue her modeling and bodybuilding careers. Having realized her dream of becoming a fitness model and creating her dream physique, Vivi’s Instagram account (@viviwinkler) has gained a large following. It’s here that she has obtained international attention from women worldwide who are seeking to improve their physical appearance.

Vivi Winkler's Instagram account
Vivi Winkler’s Instagram account

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5 feet 3 Inches

Weight (approx.): 52.2 – 56.7kg

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Vivi Winkler

Family & Ethnicity


Since 2015 Vivi is dating her long time boyfriend, Igor Cadiz  who is also a body builder and trainer.

Vivi Winkler with her boyfriend
Vivi Winkler with her boyfriend


As a model and bodybuilder

Vivi began training six to seven times a week and hiring a professional trainer in 2006 to focus on becoming the best Brazilian bodybuilder. It was only later, in 2016, when she competed in the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (WBPF) Rio de Janeiro Liga Carioca Championship, that she was recognized and invited by numerous magazines to appear on their covers. With her newfound fame, she also became an Instagram star, and now her account is followed by over 4 million people.

Vivi Winkler put a before and after picture on Instagram
Vivi Winkler put a before and after picture on Instagram

In addition to her work as a model, Vivi has served as the Fitness Ambassador for the clothing brand Maria Gueixa as well as for the pharmaceutical company Farma Forma.

Vivi Winkler as a Fitness Ambassador of the clothing brand Maria Gueixa
Vivi Winkler as a Fitness Ambassador of the clothing brand Maria Gueixa

The Brazilian bodybuilder Rizian Carla is her role model. She has won numerous titles and championships, including the NABBA Rio in 2015 and the Angel BFS in 2016. Vivi has been to several US states, including New York, Arizona and California, as well as several European countries, including France, Germany and Russia, both for bodybuilding competitions and for holidays. Vivi is an animal lover, she has a pet dog, and she has volunteered with a local animal shelter several times, starting at the age of fifteen. In addition to raising money for the shelter, she encourages people to adopt dogs instead of buying them.


  • Second place in the WBPF RJ  (Liga Carioca bodybuilding championships)


Actor: Bruce Lee, Stephen Quadros

Actress: Kate Beckinsale

Movies: “Enter the Dragon”, “Never Back Down”, and “Strategic Command”

TV Shows: “Family Guy” and “South Park”


  • One of Vivi’s major influences is Rizian Carla. Rizian is a famous Brazilian bodybuilder with a number of titles under her belt including the NABBA Rio 2015, and the Angel BFS 2016.
  • Vivi is considered to be the owner of best butt on Instagram. [1]Tele Mundo Vivi Winkler
  • She has gone through rinoplasty surgery – a surgery to alter the shape and appearance of the nose. [2]Vivi Winkler – Instagram

    Vivi Winkler putting up a story after her surgery on Instagram
    Vivi Winkler putting up a story after her surgery on Instagram
  • She has three dogs named Spook, Whey and Spock.
    Vivi Winkler with her dog

    Vivi Winkler and her pups
    Vivi Winkler and her pups


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